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Turning kids’ boredom into summer fun

June 29th, 2018

During summer vacation, parents often struggle to find different activities to entertain their children in order to keep from being bored. When coming up with ideas for these activities, it is important that they look at the entertainment aspect, but also think about finding ways to cultivate their children’s physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, environmental, cultural, and artistic development. Activities should be fun, but also contribute to their building blocks in life as they have a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Child readingWhen children learn about hard work, empathy, and other cultures, their growth is exponential. Parents often enroll their children in summer classes all summer long to prepare them for the following school year, but these classes may interfere with their educational interests by turning them off to academics, unless we balance their summer classes with fun activities. Limiting computer time, TV, and video games by encouraging outdoor activities is recommended. When they do play games or watch TV programs, avoid violence to prevent problems later on. When parents engage in interactive activities with their children, they make them feel important and loved, and parents can develop a stronger bond with their children. For some kids, summer jobs are a good way to build character and responsibility, even if it is just giving them some chores to do around the house while teaching them the value of hard work. If you have a backyard, start planting some fruits and vegetables. When kids see that they have been able to labor from dirt something that they can eat, it creates a great sense of satisfaction, giving them an important perspective of how hard work pays off.

If handled properly, boredom can be a great tool for growth. When kids tell their parents, “I’m bored,” do not just tell them to go watch TV or play video games. Instead, ask them, “What can you do about it?” By encouraging them to think about activities, parents can turn boredom into creativity and growth.

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