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In addition to professional activities, Monica Oganes & Associates support philanthropic activities as part of their humanitarian mission to promote social change and foster a universal sense of responsibility to humankind. We are able to accomplish our goals by sharing our talent, our treasure, and our time with those in need.

Through volunteer activities at her local church and trips to Peru to volunteer in several projects, Monica has been able to reach those in need.

Ventanilla, Peru 2016: Volunteering at human settlements in Pachacutec

Volunteering for Angeles Peruanos, a non-profit organization in Peru that organizes monthly donations to families in need. With just $8 a month, an individual can sponsor a child to receive groceries. Their mothers get training in different trades through workshops so they can become contributors to the family’s economy. Family education helps families understand different aspects of mental health and education. Families are carefully screened prior to receiving help. They live in hillsides and some families have no running water. Many children have multiple disabilities and medical needs. The monthly visit bringing them food and donations (clothing, toys) brings a smile to their face.

































Pictures at Pachacutec with the families receiving help through Angeles Peruanos

Advocating for the needs of a child live on prime time Peruvian TV

The program “Porque Hoy es Sábado con Andrés” airs live in Peru on Saturday evenings to entertain the population and to provide a platform to help those in need. Monica represented Angeles Peruanos to introduce Walter, a child who is in need of medical care. His ability to walk is limited and his mother has to drag him to different places. He has stopped going to school due to lack of mobility. He needs medical and psychological evaluations. Through participating in this live program, Walter was able to get a wheelchair and is being provided the help that he needs.

















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